Modern Doc

We are a web design agency that makes life easy for doctors, so they can do, you know, doctor stuff.

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What we bring


A good UX is the functional backbone that solves a business problem with design. We combine that with a beautiful UI to generate a modern clean website that can't go unnoticed.


You’re great! And we need to tell everyone just that. Tailor-made digital marketing strategies to maximize your reach to the fullest.


Our team works efficiently to higher your rankings through a brilliant SEO campaign. We also provide you with timely reports and analysis of the SEO so you can have a fair idea on where the marketing is headed.

Ads & Reputation

Along with an optimized Google ad campaign, We work on building your brand image as one of the most reputed local practitioners. This is one great thing that helps you in the long run.

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Who we are

At Modern Doc, our mission statement is ‘Treat Every Client like It Is Our Only Client’. This mission helps us provide you the most effective marketing strategies for your dental practice. We develop dental marketing strategies and approaches based on your needs. This not only helps you grow but also creates a better brand image for your practice.

  • Focused on bringing you more customers
  • A Custom Fast Website
  • Designers work with you 1 to 1
  • SEO + Marketing

How we work?

Problem & Vision

First we talk. Get in touch with us and let us help you navigate your web presence with the best solution for you. We won't sell you anything you don't need.

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Then We Design

We take your input and dive into the problems you and your customers face, creating a design that addresses those problems.

We </ > Develop

We deliver the final site, but the work is never over. We continue monitoring your site and improve functionality as more data becomes apparent.

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Lastly, we follow through with 24/7 support and automatic updates that are beneficial to your business.